Rumassala is a small hill forest cover situated closer to the beach and about 2km walk distance from our hotel. The famous story of Rumassala related to Ramayana which is a mythical encounter between Rama and Ravana. When Rama’s brother-Lakshman was near-fatally injured in battle, it needed to bring some herbals from the Himalayas. Hanuman the monkey god has undertaken the task, but he forgot the name of the herbs. Hanuman broke a part of one mountain (Holy Sanjeevi) where herbs occurred and rest of the mountain was thrown away after getting the herbs. This fallen part was the origin of Rumassala.

The colonial name of Rumassala is Buno Vista implies “pleasant view”. Rumassala hill, forest and sea are declared as a wildlife sanctuary. Bonavista coral reef is also a part of it.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who lived at Unawatuna once he moved to Sri Lanka, stated Rumassala is strangely not included within earth’s magnetic field. As a result , he explained that geo-stationary satellites lacking power end up milling round and round, high above this place.

It is a heaven for herbs. Researchers have found 150 different species of herbs on Rumassala Hill. These species are unique in that area. In past ships come to Galle harbor used southern end of Rumassala, known as watering point, to stock up with fresh water. The value of Rumassala was high since past due to fresh water even during ancient silk route. The Galle harbor was developed due to Rumassala as ships came to fill fresh water.

You can take Bonavista road from Galle-Matara road, just in front of Holcim cement factory to reach Rumassala. The jungle beach, Rumassala south beach and Japanese peace pagoda are main attractions of Rumassala.