Located on top of the Rumassala Hill offering splendid views of the entire ocean, the Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Galle, Sri Lanka. The Japanese Peace Pagoda is for all those people who are looking for inner peace and some time for contemplation. Peaceful structure built not so long ago is perched on top of the Rumassala.

Hill from where you can see the spacious ocean and the thick jungles. You should ideally visit this place at dusk if you want to witness a breathtaking sunset.The aura at dusk is charming and rides one into another world of beauty. 

The construction is tall enough to be visible for people standing on the Unawatuna Beach and Galle Beach. A must-visit for those seeking devoutness and inner peace, this attraction makes for an excellent trek and also offers mesmerizing views from the top of the double-story structure.