Sinharaja Forest Reserve


Sinharaja Forest distance covers a total area of 189 and is the hub of a rich biodiversity. Year round, the forest is covered by sufficiently of rain clouds.It is one of the famous places to visit in Galle.  Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Sinharaja Forest distance, is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

The forest replacement is a home to all the native animals, birds, mammals and insects of the country. Some of the other types include the tree frog, blue magpie, viper, birdwing butterflies, civets, squirrels, wild boar, and drongo. There are more than 282 birds in the national park. About 95 per cent of Sri Lankan endemic birds and more than 50 per cent of endemic mammals are known to have their environments in this Forest Reserve. 

A visit to this national park is a great choice for nature lovers and wildlife obsessives. You can watch the animals living in their natural habits. Walkways and footpaths have been maintained in the forest where the tourists can walk and explore the wildlife. You will find a number of medicinal plants in the forest. The tourists can capture wonderful pictures amidst the verdant scenery of the national forest.