Ritipanna is the called as the stilt fishing stilt fishing.Stilt fishing is one of the most unique fishing methods in Sri Lanka. This type of fishing can only be found on the south coast of Sri Lanka. This type of fishing is most common in the southern coastal cities of Koggala, Kattaluwa and Ahangama. A vertical pole with an attached cross bar is surrounded at the bottom of a shallow or river bank. Fishermen sit a few meters above the water and push a few meters of sand to the shore, creating minimal shadows on the water without disturbing sea creatures. That’s what happens at Stilt Fishing. A narrow pole is tied to a stick that is anchored on the sea bed. Fisher folk climb onto this stick and settle on the pole for a few hours in an effort to catch some fish. Although this sounds easy, this fishing method requires a lot of skill and balance.

These men can make a living simply with the help of two wooden poles to make a stilt. One pole is fixed onto the sea bed and the other is placed like a cross bar and acts as a plank for the fishermen to sit on. Each stilt can accommodate only one fisherman.

This attractive view of stilt fishermen is a huge attraction for tourists. Stilt fishing season is at its greatest during the southwest monsoon because fishermen using boats also end up on stilts since the sea is too rough. At sunrise and sunset, stilt fishermen line up on the southern coastal belt. The evening stilt fishing session is usually to interest foreigners, and this ends at sunset. Tourists like to climb up on the stilt and actually experience this activity as well as capture photographs for memories.